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"The cheers are still coming in concerning your luncheon presentation at our “Day for Women: Creating Healthy Tapestry”.  It was great to watch your audience of 2,000 women laughing and learning as they jumped to their feet to let you know how they felt.”
Kathleen  O’Brien, Tenet’s Director of Business Development

Over the last 15 years of her professional speaking and entertaining, Lola has shared the stage with celebrities such as Naomi Judd, Patti Duke-Aston, Mavis Leno, Vicky Lawrence, Marcia Wallace and Carrie Fischer as part of the Celebration for Women.  Lola loves to bring laughter and fun to all events but especially the very important issue of women and achievement.Whether it’s the Central California Women’s Conference, A Day For Women, the Women and Business Expo, or the International Women’s Conference Day Extraordinaire, Lola arrives early to share her naturally sunny disposition.  She talks to the people who will be in the audience and connects with them long before she steps onstage.  The next thing you know she’s leading the audience in a cheer as they shout out “I Am Awesome!”

For two years running, Lola has performed in The Vagina Monologues, benefiting shelters for abused women throughout Southern California.  Lola will make a tremendously positive impact on your attendees, as she encourages them to use humor to strengthen their endurance when rough times hit.

Lola delivers the powerful message of All life’s experiences are an opportunity to discover our ability to smile and go on.”

In her programs, Lola can be heard saying…

• Life’s Funny That Way – “Husbands are all alike. They just have different faces.”

Growing Old Disgracefully - “You know you’re growing older when you try to dial a phone number on your remote control.”

• Estrogen and Testosterone, The Human Comedy - “I love being married. There’s nothing more fun than finding that one person in your life to aggravate.”

Lola is truly a professional who offers a program that is highly inspirational and incredibly fun.

“Thank you for contributing your time and inspirational presence to our
International Women's Conference Day Extraordinaire. Your message was powerfully
delivered through revelation of your personal experience...”
Gerry Wakeland, Director
Crystal Cathedral Women's Ministry

For your next women’s event, Lola can kick it off, wrap it up, or anything in-between, bringing to life your highest expectations for that special event.



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