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growing old a sucess at fundraiser

Rotary Club fundraiser hires Lola for sucessful show  

growing old never looked so good


On Friday, March 1 & Saturday, March 2, 2002, Lola brought her special brand of humor to Laguna Beach, CA. Performing at the dazzling Seven Degrees venue, Lola put on a show that made 'em laugh and cry with hilarious ways to "Get Attitude" and "Grow Old Disgracefully". The successful fundraiser was presented by The Rotary Club of Laguna Beach, which helps fund many local charities.

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fundraiser for Rotary intl

------March 8, 2002

****Lola Gillebaard
****30872 S. Coast Hwy., PMB 176
****Laguna Beach, CA 92651

****Dear Lola,

****Every now and then the angels smile on us and we get to experience
****something really special. Your show was such a gift.

****On behalf of The Rotary Club of Laguna Beach, I would like to
****express our deepest gratitude for your generosity and talent in
****making "An Evening with Lola" the most successful fundraiser
****since I have been in the club. We were stagnating and you helped
*** us get some new energy and an emotional head start with our
****new and scary bike race project.

****If I said you were fabulous, awesome, funny, magnificent, hilarious
****and even halacious, it would be true, but it would miss the mark.
****In my opinion, your routine was every bit as good as the best of
**** Shelly Berman, Bob Newheart, Bill Cosby, and Tim Allen.
**** And yet, you gave us something they never did. You made us
**** laugh AND cry. You inspired us by sharing the truths of your
**** life and gave us all a glimpse of what real courage, and true class
**** are all about. Thank you, dear lady, thank you.

****I agree with Hank. Anyone who can hit the ceiling is truly
****a winner!!

****Joyfully yours,

****Bob Lewin
****Rotary Club of Laguna Beach


fundraiser hires Lola

Lola works the crowd at the successful fundraiser

hunorous keynote speaker headlines at fundraiser








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