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Some of Lola’s Most Requested Programs:

 1. Life's Funny That Way: A program that bridges conflict with humor through common ground.  Lola shows how to use the magic of humor to take a second look at difficult times…like raising 4 sons…Lola says, “All my boys were raised in a broken home.  They broke everything is sight!”

2. Growing Old Disgracefully:  A program that realizes growing older is a fact of life, but growing old is an attitude. Lola talks about the various changes of aging with humor and spirit.  In Lola’s show, she talks of the stages of aging, “you know your growing older when…your favorite evening cocktail is Vodka and Metamucil.  I call it bombs away!

3. Humor in Business is Serious Business: A program illustrating that laughter can help create a more productive work atmosphere. Lola brings a serious topic to a humorous note when she says,  “2% of the people out there were created to irritate the rest of us.”

4. Today's Tragedy can be Tomorrow's Humor: A program that shows how each setback in life only makes you stronger. The trick to falling down is getting back up.  Lola brings her real-life stories to life with humor when she speaks of her bout with cancer, ”I spent the whole day taking my clothes off only to put them back on again… kind of like my honeymoon only not as much fun!”

5. Zapping Negativity: A program that gives you strategies for improving difficult workplace relationships and helps you find out how to create a more positive atmosphere and overcome negativity in your office or organization.  Lola gives you tips like, “Give a negative person a compliment…(“ I like the way your socks match!”)  It stuns them into silence.”

6. Laughter is the Handshake of Good Communication: A program depicting the benefits of lightening up in the workplace, how humor serves as a powerful tool in business.  Or as Lola says, “The most important thing you can ever wear is…the expression on your face.”

7.  How to be Assertive without being a Bully:  A program pointing out the difference between being assertive and being aggressive. Lola illustrates how humor is the lubricant that eases the friction between people. Or as Lola says, “Know when not to react.”

8. How to Communicate without using a Bullhorn: A program showing through personal examples and audience involvement creative ways to attain a listener's full attention.  One way Lola does this is when she says to the audience, “How many of you woke up this morning, looked in the mirror…and burst out laughing?”

9. The Booby Prize: A humorous program that focuses on the challenge of dealing with cancer. As a cancer survivor, Lola knows first-hand how humor can positively impact a patient's ability to heal. She uses this knowledge to inspire Health Care Providers to use humor in their work.

Lola is witty, charming, serious and funny when speaking to an audience about the good times, the sad times and the difficult times that life brings us. Lola's unique delivery blends real-life stories, comedy, and wisdom into an entertaining program that promotes humor, even in the most trying situations. Her "lessons in life" provide valuable tools that can be used long after the presentation is over. After all, if this 70+ year old lady can make it through 17 major surgeries, four boys, three career changes and nearly 50 years of marriage and still say "Life is Good !" then just think what she can do to motivate your group!

Since she's got the benefit of many years of life experience, her genuine wisdom, insightful perception, and easy-going style appeals to a wide range of people, of all age categories. You can be assured that Lola's original style of humor, sometimes quirky and off-beat, can relieve stress and rejuvenate the audience while emphasizing the importance of a positive outlook on life, at any age.

Lola says, "At my age, I'm just getting started...and having fun too! Being "old" is a state of mind that I have no time for, nor accept. There's too much to do getting ready for my next party. Won't you join me?"

 Your audience will be challenged to find more humor in their own lives, especially in the work place. Lola says, "Humor doesn't eliminate the problem, but it puts the problem in a different perspective in order to focus on a solution." Lola will show the attendees why laughter is so important for good communication, while tailoring the program to her client's specific needs.


"OUTSTANDING! EXCELLENT! INSPIRATIONAL!” Are the words found over and over again in Lola's testimonial letters from clients who used Lola as their Keynote Speaker. This affirmation was recently received from Mended Hearts Inc.; “Your marvelous use of humor when talking about your own experiences with serious illnesses captivated the audience. We laughed and learned with you. Your impact on our convention was felt after your presentation when our president, Donna DeLesse showed up with a red nose. Without prompting, the audience shouted in unison, ‘I'm Awesome!’. Lola, you are totally awesome!”

Brian Pearl, Speakers Chairperson, Mended Hearts Convention 2000

You too can benefit from Lola’s powerful message delivered with humor, just like her many other clients who chose Lola to make their annual Conference a huge success!

It’s easy to reserve a speaking date with Lola!  Contact us today and set up a free pre-event conference call.



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