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When Lola’s not laughing, her teamwork exercises aid her illustrations of the value and the power of using humor to strengthen relationships and encourages levity in the workplace.  With techniques that are fun, Lola gets everyone in the room moving and working on new communication skills, as they laugh together and learn.

Learn some of these communication skills at your workshop:

  • To build more light heartedness into your professional and personal relationships.
  • To develop the power of humor to deal with conflict.
  • To rally divided groups around one solution or common cause.
  • To differentiate between positive and negative humor.

“Just enough time has gone by to more fully assess the lasting benefits of your program.  We reminisce often of the experience you lead us through, and I can say without hesitation that it was one of the most successful events we have gone through together.”
Kimberly Toonen, Vice President, Cox Communications

Your staff will find themselves using various techniques from Lola’s program long after the event as did the Cox Sales Account Reps. Lola’s inspiring words of wisdom and wit touch the lives of all who attend her programs.  One half-day program gave Cox Communications lasting benefits and could give your business that same inspiration needed to reach new levels of performance or create a much needed bond in the workplace.

Just Two of Lola’s Popular Workshop Programs:

“ZAPPING NEGATIVITY IN THE WORKPLACE” - Teambuilding/Customer Service/Mgt

In this program Lola says, “Negative people love being negative… and they don’t die… and they reproduce faster than the other kind.”


Lola’s advice, “If the email is longer than 12,231 words…delete it immediately!"

Lola’s uplifting programs equip attendees with information and techniques that can be applied in the workplace, as well as in their personal lives.  Each entertaining and informative presentation is designed specifically to meet the needs of your organization.


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