clean comdeian and humorous keynote speaker, Lola ia always a big hit!
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"You, Lola, are the rare and remarkable combination of a professional speaker, comedienne, and an extraordinary storyteller.  You managed to once again wow the audience with your unique sense of humor, and perspective that touched each and every one of us who listened to you.” 

Dan Maddux, American Payroll Association 

Laugh and learn with Lola
is the experience your audience will enjoy at your convention or annual employee meeting.  For over 20 years, Lola Gillebaard has used the power of humor to assist top companies in achieving, maintaining and increasing productivity. For 500 years before that she just laughed!

Lola is witty and charming, serious and funny.  She loves what she does and does what she loves!  What is that?  She helps businesses recognize the connection between humor, health, happiness and employee effectiveness but it’s the way that she does it that is so unique.  Her real-life stories blended with comedy and wisdom give the attendees entertainment plus the opportunity to see the how humor is so important in the business world.  By learning the values and the power of using humor, individuals can strengthen their professional relationships and lighten up the workplace.

Since she has the benefit of many years of life experience, her genuine wisdom, insightful perception, and easy-going style appeal to a wide range of people in all age categories. You can be assured that Lola's original style of humor (sometimes quirky and off-beat but never off- color) can relieve stress and rejuvenate, while emphasizing the importance of a positive outlook on life, at any age.

Lola’s programs illustrate how humor can help establish a more productive atmosphere in the fast pace world of business.  Lola has created a successful formula for increasing levity and open communication between management and the workforce, a productive action often ignored.  She makes you laugh while you’re learning.

                  Some Popular Programs:

  • Humor in Business is Serious Business
  • Zapping Negativity
  • The 10 Keys to Getting More Humor into Your Business Life
  • How to Take Your Work Seriously, but Yourself Lightly
  • Lighten Your Load with Levity
  • How Adversities in the Workplace can Strengthen Personnel

Ask Lola to inspire your group to be the best that they can be and she’ll do it! Reserve a date with Lola now because her best dates truly do book up.  See the huge list of clients that Lola has delighted and you’ll see why it is important to call right away to get her locked into a date on your event calendar.



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